Research Orientation


In the Process Modelling Group (PMG) we focus on numerical modelling of manufacturing processes involving phenomena such as elevated temperatures, material flow, internal stresses and changes of microstructure. Examples are casting, moulding, welding as well as additive manufacturing processes. The materials considered could be metals, polymers, ceramics, glass, composites and even concrete.

The area is highly cross-disciplinary and characterized by multi-physics modelling involving areas like CFD, Numerical Heat and mass Transfer, Computational Materials Science and Computational Solid Mechanics.

The applications vary from micro-scale over parts for automotive industry to huge parts such as wind turbine blades. The industrial application areas are numerous and could comprise:

  1. Wind energy
  2. Automotive industry
  3. Green energy (fuel cells)
  4. Electronics industry
  5. Aerospatial industry
  6. Medico and pharmaceutical industry

and …