Show cases

- Metal Casting


Air entrapment and splashing in the sprue and sprue base areas at 2, 3 and 6% filled, using the conical pouring basin for a light-weight, stair-shaped Al-Si based casting

- Friction stir welding (FSW)


Temperature field after 1.5 s in FSW of AA2024-T4


- Extrusion process in polymers


Extrusion of a visco-elastic fluid with Oldroyd-B material model and wi=0.2.

- Tape casting of ceramics


CFD modelling of a non-Newtonian fluid in tape casting of ceramics.

- Nanoimprint lithography


Left: Flexible stamp for nanoimprint lithography, Right: Finite element analysis of nanoimprint with a flexible stamp.

- Induction heating of polymer injection 


Left: (Unfavorable) Temperature distribution after four seconds of induction heating. Right: (Favorable) Temperature distribution after four seconds of induction heating using a lower electrical conductivity in the mold.

- Selective laser melting (SLM)/additive manufacturing


Temperature profile with pseudo-analytical model at time = 2e-3s (left), time= 4e-3s (center) and time= 6e-3s (right): Cellular scanning strategy for selective laser melting

- Aluminum syntactic foam (ASF)


Modeling the manufacturing of Aluminum Syntactic Foam (ASF) with infiltration through porous media in a die casting process